With the wide verity of things we get up too, we thought it would be worth keeping a log of it all!!


Welcome to our little blog of what we get up too.

today we’ve got some specialist metal cutting on the go. Now and again we get charged with a job that we dont even know if its possible to do, and today is one of them days . we’re currently cutting extreamly fine metal surgical tubes, kind of like hypodermic needles, and we’re trying to get a clean a cut as possible, so after some extensive testing and using microscopes i think we’re close. theyre currently taking the laser 70000 passes as 3500mm/s , so approxamatelty 20 miniutes to cut something that is about 0.2mm thick. Once theyre done we’ll take them to the customer for inspection on their super high powered microscope, fingers crossed they should work out well. On a less experimental note the printers are printing a “now playing ” record stand to display the currently playing record for budding DJ’s , after that some final prototypes of some replica boat parts for a customer who is rebuilding his boat. busy day all round.

thanks for having a read and have an awesome rest of the day !!